Annual Checklist Archive

The downloadable files below will enable installation of the Catalogue of life Annual Checklist application on your local desktop computer. It is the same application as the online version and recommended for users without good Internet connections. Interested in using the dataset only? Please use our DarwinCore Archive download service to download the data. Note: the download files are big and sometimes get corrupted during download if your internet connection is not stable. When you are experiencing such problems, please try to avoid WIFI and use a wired connection to download, or request a free DVD ROM instead from

Please note the 2012 Catalogue of Life is available on DVD ROM only: You can request this from

Year Annual Checklist as Darwin Core Archive
2019 Download
Year Annual Checklist Installer (MS Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux)
2018 Download
2017 Download
2016 Download
Year MS Windows Installer MS Windows USB flash drive Apple MacOSX Installer For Linux
2015 Download Download Download
2014 Download Download Download
2013 Download Download Download
2011 Download Download Download Download
2010 Download  
MS Windows CD ISO Image
2009 Download
2008 Download
2007 Download
2006 Download
2005 Download
2004 Download
2003 Download
Disk 1 Disk 2
2002 Download
Disk 1 Disk 1
2000 Download